Business Analysis

  1. Discuss the nature of identity specifically detailing the construction of ethnic identity and the role of groups in
    establishing norms of membership in an ethnic identity. Explain the connection to passing and selling out.
  2. Discuss the nature of race exploring the distinctions between race and ethnicity by examining either Native
    American blood-quantums, or the One-Drop Rule to explore how ideas of racial purity and identity can vary and
    how race and ethnicity differ.
  3. Summarize Hill’s chapter on the Persistence of White Racism. Be sure to discuss folk theories and projects
    of racism in detail.
  4. Discuss Whiteness with reference to its variability, Cultural Emptiness and Relative Invisibility and how it
    leads to Cultural Appropriation. Comment on the relationship between Relative Invisibility and Linguistic
    Markedness and othering.

Sample Solution