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Do my storyboard answering each question and provide some visual aids like stick people for some of the questions if needed I only want writer to answer the questions in details please

• The problem or issue that will be addressed through the project. Do not imply solutions (e.g. no work instruction).
• Include a measurable goal and post-solution target.
• Include measurable pre-solution metrics.

• This section should provide general information regarding the role of the site and unit involved in the project, and the type of service(s) they provide.
• Provide more background on the problem (e.g. is it a local or historical issue?)
• What is the scope of the problem and why is it important to address it? What is the impact of the problem?
• Who identified the problem?

Current State:
• How does the current process work?
• How does the problem impact customers and staff?
• How has the problem been measured? Include pre-solution data.
• Does the problem extend beyond the scope of this initiative? Discuss limitations.
• Legible pictures and visual aids may be useful (e.g. stick people, storm clouds to depict issues.)
• What is the desired outcome (or ideal state)?
• What will be implemented and why?
• How were the changes made? What factors were critical to success?
• Were there barriers to change and how were they overcome?
• What was the project event type? What lean tools were used?
• Who was involved and represented? Was a vendor used?
• Legible before and after pictures and visual aids may be useful in illustrating changes.

• Note: Storyboards should be completed 90 days after a project has ended.
• Note: Report baseline data in this section for events that are too recent to report final results. In these cases, the storyboard will need to be updated at a later date with post-project results.
• Every project should include at least one primary measure providing information on how customer service has been impacted and/or how efficiency has been improved.
• Results should be specific and measureable and linked to objectives. Include post-results data.
• Improvement measures can be defined in absolute values and/or percentage terms. They should be taken at multiple points in time.
• Legible before and after pictures and visual aids may be useful in illustrating results.
• What lessons were learned?

Next Steps/Sustaining the Gains:
• Is further action required to address outstanding challenges?
• Are other events planned?
• What will be done to sustain or standardize the solution? How and when will sustainability be measured?
• Would this solution be applicable in another situation?
• Miscellaneous: Are there other important points that do not fit into other sections that you would like to share?














































































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