Business in Mexico

Students must submit a typed paper on at least three of the “The Five Elements in the Business Environment of a specific Country (Students will select any
country in the world other than the US or China)”. This paper is a summary of the key elements of business that have been discussed during this semester.
The five elements in business are the economic, technological, legal, social & political environments.
The student will:

  1. Prepare a typed 900 words or more paper, not including cover page or source page on the five (5) elements in the business environment for a country
    (other than U.S and China.)
  2. Use at a minimum two (2) sources in addition to the class textbook (total of 3 sources) for this paper. One of the additional sources for information should
    be a book, periodical, or journal.
  3. Follow the SWIC written assignment format using appropriate citations within the text (parenthetical references). Sources must be cited.
  4. Ensure this paper has at least an Introduction (briefly presenting Country) and a Conclusion (briefly summarizing your findings/research and answering the
    question, “Is this Country a good market for global business? Why or Why not?”

Sample Solution