Business Management

Read chapters 7, 8 and 9 from the textbook and week 2 lecture before answering the questions below. If you have any question understanding the content, please contact me.
Learning objectives are listed at the beginning of each Chapter.
Chapter 7: Job Design and Work Schedules Page 191-217 (10e)
What are the benefits of frequent job rotation for a person who would like to become a high-level manager?

  1. How would a manager know if the jobs he or she supervised fit well into a high-performance work system?
    Chapter 8: Organizational structure, culture and change (Page 219-254) (10e)
  2. Over the years, large business organizations have steadily reduced the number of layers in the organization structure. What purpose has this profound change in structure served?
  3. Many career counselors believe that you are more likely to succeed in an organization in which you fit the culture. How could you determine before joining an organization whether you fit its culture?
    Chapter 9: Staffing and Human Resource Management 255-286) (10e)
  4. Why should a manager who does not work in the human resources department be familiar with the various aspects of staffing?
  5. What have you learned about staffing that you might apply to your own job search?

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