Business Plan for a boat rental hotel

The task is to write a 10 page business plan proposal. Based on the approval of this proposal it will be develipoed to a full business plan.
The project would be starting a company called Dutch Boat Accommodation. Dutch Boat Accommodation will create a competitive business model for vacation houseboat rental on the Canals of major Netherlands cities. Amsterdam should be the start of the projects. Other chosen cities would be decided too.
The idea is host the guests on boats on the canal and travel them to stay in other chosen cities by boat too were they will stay on boat house too. It’s to create a Dutch experience for tourists. Similar to chain hotels such as Sheraton, Hilton and others only this will accommodate guests on boat houses.
Please add any new innovations on hotel and tourism to this project as it would give extra score.
The structure of the business plan and short descriptions of each section can be obtained from a business plan for a similar project in USA.

Sample Solution