Business Report Writing

Business Report Writing

Writing a business report is an important skill required in business operations to help in communicating ideas. The main objective in any business is to sell a product or an idea, and this involves several interactions between individuals. Therefore, there is a need to understand why one should study business report writing and the relationship between business information and report writing.

The Need of Studying Business Report Writing

Business report writing skills help in ensuring job security. People with good writing skills are more resourceful in the organizations that have employed them. They perfect their skills with time as they become more familiar with the system and are hard to replace. Good reports are used by managements in decision making to address specific problems in the business. This increases the value of having good writers within the organization, and usually they are promoted or rewarded to boost their morale. Demand for their services never diminishes at any given time thus making their work intact. An example is in accounts where one has to provide clear information on budget and financial settlements (University of Melbourne 5). Apart from job security and promotion, a writer can be given a scholarship by the employer through the company’s development programs. New technology and communication systems are being embraced placing an urgent need for staff that is up to date with events. Since writers are not easy to layoff, employers find it safe to support them as they learn and work. Learning new skills is an advantage to writers as they get new ideas that can help them excel in new areas of expertise or even become entrepreneurs. Business reports are also useful when one wants to track the progress of the business through a period of time (Solentive 3). Previous reports should be filed and kept in safe cabinets for future reference. This is important not only to the proprietor but also to new employees especially those in charge of management. They find it easy to go through the reports, understand where the business is coming from, and where it is headed.

Relationship between Business Information and Report Writing

A good report contains information reflecting the true state of the business. This means that one needs vast knowledge and information in order to write this kind of report. Reports usually address specific issues or problems in a business. Therefore before writing a report, one needs to have in-depth information about the business to be able to make good analysis and conclusions. The best way of coming up with a good report is to identify and understand what questions need to be answered (Solentive 2). For instance, a customer service may be interested in knowing customers’ taste of a product. After this has been done, it becomes easy to start researching on areas of interest, pick up evidence and write a worthwhile report. Report writing not only involves obtaining information from internal sources. External sources such as past and current operations of competitors should also be considered and can surprisingly be very resourceful. A reporter should be well informed about the required reporting standard. Example a company may intend to have a positive report about its shares as part of the marketing strategy and thus the report should promote this idea.

In conclusion, good writing skills and adequate knowledge or information are very important in business report writing and ensuring success of every organization, which is the objective of all entities.

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