Business Review

Returning to the organization in Middleboro that you have been writing about Case 6: Medical Associates, you will culminate this fourth part of the writing assignments by assessing the organization, evaluating your findings, and developing a strategic plan that they can use to improve their performance as an organization.
For this assignment, you will write a 6-7-page APA 6th edition formatted paper that provides an overview of your organization, a SWOT analysis, and recommendations to address identified threats and/or weaknesses.
In your paper:
• Briefly describe the organization, i.e. purpose/mission, size, market share, # of employees, patient days, revenues, etc.
• Complete a SWOT analysis for your health care organization. Provide 3-5 factors that are major issues for each category, i.e. strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats.
• Summarize and analyze the data to reflect what you believe are opportunities that will improve quality in your organization.
• Choose two factors from the threats or weaknesses and recommend actions to resolve or improve what you identified. Recommendations must be grounded in evidence-based practice.
Using your analysis and recommendations, develop an evidence-based strategic plan that will optimize strengths and opportunities and minimize weaknesses and threats.

Sample Solution