Buying a Business

1. Write an executive summary, including:
• A brief description of the company;
• A brief overview of the current financial condition of the company;
• A brief overview of the financial issues that may make a future owner concerned;
• A brief description of your financial solution to maintain a financially healthy company if you were to buy the company.
The Company Description

2. Describe the company, including:
• The name of the company;
• Write a general overview of the company history;
• State the mission, vision, and company values; and
Company’s Current Financial Condition

3. Describe the current financial condition of the company, including (you may need to create these if they do not exist):
• A review of financial reports;
• Current assets and liabilities;
• Current balance sheet;
• Current income statement;
• The estimated cash flow; and
• Other important information presented in class.

4. Review the current, and recommend needed IT software and hardware to better help with the finances and financial health of the business, including (but not limited to):
• Accounting and bookkeeping software;
• Rental, ordering, inventory or other related hardware and software;
• IT Security for the business and the customers; and
• Any other useful IT software and hardware the company should consider.
Investment Opportunities
(~2-4 paragraphs)

5. Describe and analyze 3 investment opportunities.

6. Describe the financial goals for the company as if you were the current owner.
Financing Options

7. Describe and analyze the financing options to purchase and operate the business.
Annual Budget

8. Create an annual budget

9. Reflect on your journey to solve this problem. What did you learn? What additional research will you need to truly bring your ideas to life?











Sample Solution