Calculating Weight

A metallic ball of mass M=0.5 kg Is attached to a string of length L = 0 3 m. Much Is feed at the other end, like in Figure Q3. The ball is held with the string in horizontal position and is released without initial velocity. When the string is vertical the ball hits a small block of mass m=0.3kg which rests on a flat surface. Neglect friction forces dining impact.
a) Determine the velocity of the ball when it hits the block.
[4 marks] I>) If the coefficient of testi-tuba-, is 0.56 what are the velocities of the ball and block immediately after the impact?
[6 marks] c) The coefficient of friction between the block and the surface is 0.3. Find the maximum deflection of a spring of elastic constant k=200filrm after the impact with the block. (6 marks] d) Draw of diagram of the block and write the differential equation of motion of the block after it has touched the spring and until the moment it stops.
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Figure 03
(4 marks]

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