California Primaries Election Results Analysis

The Semester project will consist of a 10-page analysis of the California March 3rd primary elections. Three
types of sources should inform your analysis:

  1. News and current events
  2. Review of websites recommended on the syllabus
  3. Own research on the topic
    You should narrow your analysis to a manageable theme.
    Additional Sources:
    Los Angeles Times
    Cal Matters(
    NPR Radio affiliates: KPCC89.3FM, KQED88.5FM, Capital Public Radio(
    SacBee Capitol Alert (
    CAFwd (
    CalBuzz (
    Rough & Tumble (
    FlashReport (
    PPIC (
    Institute of Governmental Studies-UC Berkeley (
    Center for California Studies (
    California Policy Center (
    California Budget and Policy Center (
    California Target Book (

Sample Solution