Campaign Contributions


Chapter Eight in the textbook on Campaigns and Elections provides a discussion on the role of campaign contributions by Super PACs (pgs 255-259). Follow the link below and click around to review the amounts of money spent in the 2016 presidential election. Click on “Selected Sector Totals.” Go to the Drop-down box next to “display.” Pick a few sectors and review the candidates to which they made contributions.

Based on your review of the website and the readings in the textbook, answer the following questions:

What do you think about the enormous sums of money spent on financing campaigns? Do you think it gives an unfair advantage to certain groups of people (help or hurt democracy)? Do you think there should be limits on campaign spending or is this a form of free speech? (Answer all 3 questions).
Remember that your post must be at least 250 words and include cited references to resources used to substantiate your statements.
TextBook name is by the people By James A morone & rogan kersh the brief third edition

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