“Can mindfulness-based CBT help mothers with ASD children to manage their stress and anxiety?”

Write a 3,500-word proposal for a practice-based initiative, service evaluation or audit that seeks to inform, improve or change current practice and the quality of services/care of service users.
•Discuss and justify the use of a chosen framework to guide your investigation/project (e.g. PDSA).
•Select appropriate methods to assess this practice problem (e.g. stakeholder analysis, root cause analysis and justify your choice).
•Outline the initial findings from these activities and critically discuss what they mean in the context of improving practice.
•Propose an approach that would change or improve this practice.
•Discuss who you would involve and why.

•Critically discuss how you would evaluate, measure or evidence improvement or change (e.g. quantitative measures like key performance indicators, service-user feedback, staff feedback).




Sample Solution