Can Northern Ireland find a lasting peace

In this lesson, you evaluated the turbulent history of Ireland and the current conflict in Northern Ireland. Now, you will research in an attempt to answer the essential question “Can the people of Northern Ireland find lasting peace?”
Look at the table below. You will complete steps 1, 2, and 3 for your assessment in this lesson.
Step 1: Establishing a primary research question Can Northern Ireland find a lasting peace?
Step 2: Preliminary reserach on the general topic Encyclopedia articles, scanning basic sources, finding reliable information, crating an annotated bibliography
Step 3: Evaluating preliminary resources and establishing a refined research topic Looking at your initial research to identify a more precise subtopic to research
Step 4: Digging deeper with additional research Using reliable sources to research important subtopics
Step 5: Organizing information from your research Collecting your notes and citations in a refined annotated bibliography
Follow these steps to start your research and create your own annotated bibliography.
Step 1:
As you research, use the Annotated Bibliography Notes to organize the information you find. Use the MLA Formatting Guide for reference as you work.
Step 2:
Using the notes you completed in Step 1, create your final annotated bibliography, including the seven required sources. View a sample annotated bibliography and review the Annotated Bibliography Rubric to see how your work will be graded.

Sample Solution