Canada’s climate change.

What should Canada do in response to the impending -climate change apocalypse’ suggested by the recent IPCC report? Support Write a research essay with the thesis in the introductory paragraph. So on Thesis Statement: There is an understanding of our present and future quandary without understanding why we failed to solve the problem when we had a chance, therefore, Environment and Climate Change Canada should implement programs for the over the emission of fine particulate matter from industries because it will decrease the number of chemicals in the greenhouse effect. -The teacher said that the thesis statement does seem to link with the second part and impedes clarity due to some grammatical mistake. If you can fix that that be great. -In the thesis statement instead of chemical you can discuss one element like nitrogen oxides. in one paragraph it should also have a counter argument. ( this and that is happening but the current issue(my focus fine particulate matter) is more important. SOURCES Irian, Umair. “A Major New Climate Report Slams the Door on Wishful Thinking.”, Vox Media, 8 Oct. 2018, - - - these are the sources that i have used.




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