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Select one (1) ethnic group history from the many listed in the module. You may select your own ethnic group or learn about another ethnic group. If the ethnic group you select is one that was already discussed in the module, then you must find new information about this ethnic group. Post a two to three paragraphs about the ethnic group you selected to the discussion board. Answer the following questions:
• What challenges did this ethnic group face upon arrival to Canada?
• What was unusual or surprising to you about this ethnic group’s history in Canada?
NOTE: It is important to look at the statistics with a critical eye. Students have noticed how the website places ‘Black’ into one category without recognition of the diversity of culture, identity and experience within the Black community. This is meant to be an encompassing term that includes all African-Canadians who settled in Canada from the U.S. It does NOT include a comprehensive listing about Africans from the continent or from the Caribbean.


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