Choose one of the following genes that is commonly mutated in cancer. o Gene choices: i. RAD9 it. C-KIT iii. P53 iv. EGFR v. HER2 vi. RAS o Start with a summary paragraph on the major groups of genes that can cause cancer, and include the types of mutations that can change their protein structure. You can use the text or other resources for this. o Your next paragraph will focus on your gene of choice. You should find two website reliable sources that discuss that gene. Focus on the group of cancer-causing genes that this gene belongs to, its normal function, and what mutation(s) it can have that can lead to the cell cycle becoming out of control. Are these mutations heritable and/or do they generally occur throughout a person’s lifetime in somatic cells? o Describe an experiment that you could use to determine if a new cancer drug works to combat this cancer.

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