Cardiac arrest patients.

Target temperature management after cardiac arrest patients in out-of-hospital: A systematic review.
1- Can survival of patients resuscitated after cardiac arrest be influenced by the method used for targeted
temperature management (TTM)?
2- What is the impact of Targeted Temperature Management in terms of mortality and neurological outcome?
Targeted temperature management (also known under ‘therapeutic hypothermia’, ‘induced hypothermia'”, or
‘cooling’) has been shown to be beneficial for neurological outcome in patients who have had successful
resuscitation from cardiac arrest, but it remains unclear when this intervention should be initiated.
P: Cardiac arrest patients.
I: Targeted temperature management.
C: No targeted temperature management.
O: Neurological, Mortality.
Inclusion and exclusion criteria
Selected articles were published in English and met the following criteria
1- Age > 18 years.
2- Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs).
3- Studies published from 2010 to 2021.
The studies are excluded once it meets the following criteria:
1- Pediatric studies.
2- If the paper is not presented in English.
3- Studies without clear description of patient outcomes.

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