Cardiovascular Disease Review Article

Step 1 – Define a topic ????? Review article on: “Cardiovascular complications in geriatric population”
Step 2 – Search the literature ?????
•Search for relevant articles in your topic within an online database, such as PubMed, Medline, etc
Articles searching tips: Search in PubMed with the following key words and download related articles for your review:
Search 1: Cardiovascular disease in post menopause.
Search 2: Cardiovascular disease in post menopause and review.
Search 3: Cardiovascular disease in geriatric population.
Search 4: Cardiovascular disease in geriatric population and review.
Search 5: Cardiovascular disease in older adults.
Please use additional key words at your discretion
•Use other review articles within the same field, and the same topic, as a guide
•Look for citations within key research articles and reviews
•Set a goal to find at least 20 current articles for your review
•Keep in mind that not all of these will be included
•Begin to organize articles by topic.
•Articles on a similar subject can be part of a “sub-heading”
•Reviews should have between 3-5 sub-headings of articles related to the main topic
•Sub-headings should be organized in a logical order: chronological, simple to complex, methodology, 1, 2, 3…
Step 3 – Writing the Review
•Use an outline to help organize the flow of the review
•Reviews typically consist of an abstract, introduction, summary of research in the given field, and a final conclusion
•Consider how to convey important goals of the review
•A successful review will discuss the major contributions within a given field, the major areas of debate, and current gaps in the research
•The success of a review article is that it conveys current information in a certain field, thus, being aware of current studies is key





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