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Lafley, Martin, and Riel (2013) suggest that strategic thinking does not need to be overly complex, and that a simple framework in which one rigorously
answers five questions can be a strong starting point for developing a Strategy Playbook. As importantly, they suggest that this “five-question strategy
playbook” is relevant for all kinds of organizations.
Here are the five questions:
What is your winning aspiration? (What to you stand for and believe deeply in?)
Where will you play? (Who will you serve, and who will either help or compete against you?)
How will you win? (How will you create unique value?)
Which capabilities must be in place (to win)? (What skills, competencies, and capabilities do you need now and in the future?)
What management systems are required? (Do you have a supporting culture, structure, systems, and appropriate measures to implement a strategy?)
This week, and during the remainder of the course, you will use this framework as a starting point for analyzing case study examples, and for building your
own Strategy Playbook. Additionally, this week you will create a “strategy map” of the Signature Theatre, which you will use as a template for creating such a
map for your Strategy Playbook later in the course.
To prepare for this Discussion:
Review all required readings, including the Weekly Briefing, which provides additional guidance on how to complete the Assignment.
Review this week’s case study. You can, and should, scan it multiple times.
Identify and review all relevant readings from the Capstone Program Bibliography.

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