case analysis

Locate and obtain a court case dealing with a sport topic of your choice. This is your chance to read and write about a court case that YOU are interested in.
2. Carefully read the case to understand the proceedings and what the case means (HINT: you can utilize the case brief form to summarize your case while you read).
3. Type an analysis of your chosen case, paying special attention to the following areas:
a. What are the facts of the case as presented (what happened)?
b. Is there procedural history from a previous court decision for this particular case, if so, what is the history?
c. What issues are being addressed by the court in this case?
d. What holdings were found for the issues, and what reasoning did the court use to arrive at these holdings?
e. What was the overall judgment rendered in the case (who won)?
f. MOST IMPORTANTLY, why is this case important/significant? What can we, as future sport professionals, learn from this case?
4. REMEMBER, this assignment is an analysis of your chosen case. Therefore, in addition to providing facts about the case and what happened, you will want to think critically about the meaning of the case and the ruling, in practice.




Sample Solution