Case Based Learning for Nursing Students in the Clinical Area

Base on the presentation that you had done, submit a 2,000 words report, plus critically evaluate the application of your chosen learning theory/approach/pedagogy to your learning area, and the proposed improvements for instruction and future curriculum.
Key questions to ask:
how do I make improvements to my teaching so as to make my lessons more relevant to my students by using the learning theory/approach/pedagogy I have chosen? Specifically, as a result of your understanding of the chosen learning theory, include in your report:
(1) critical evaluation of your learning area (problems and challenges);
(2) application of the chosen learning theory/approach to your learning area; and
(3) proposed improvements for using the learning theory/approach in instruction and curriculum in the future.

Give an appropriate customised title to your work. Use double-spacing and 11 fonts, Times new Roman with 4cm left margin, and 3cm for the rest of the margins. Your report should include a cover page, acknowledgement, content table, references and appendices. Include all the softcopy of the PowerPoint slides to be attached together with the work. In the Appendix, attach all copies of the references or documents from which you cited your work. Submit the work through email by the due date. Late work will only be considered by my consent.

Sample Solution