Case Roper vs Simmons 2005

Use the Case Roper vs Simmons 2005
Using the OYEZ website
This assignment is due by the end of Module
Assignment availability:
The assignment will be available until the end of module
This assignment fulfills/supports:
Module outcomes Two.
Course Outcomes Two.
General Education Competency One.
The assignment:
Conduct research on a case of your choosing regarding juveniles. You can find cases in your text book and/or PowerPoint presentations. The case should involve some type of important ruling regarding juveniles. The case can be as a juvenile defendant or victim. Cases not involving a juvenile will receive a zero for the assignment.
Use the website to complete this assignment:
This means the case MUST have been to the U.S. Supreme Court. The case MUST also have audio arguments to the case. The easiest way to find a case is by submitting case names from our text book and/or PowerPoints.
You will also need to conduct additional research to obtain the facts of the original case. Usually the details of the original case are very limited in OYEZ because the case before the U.S. Supreme court are issues such as Cruel and Unusual Punishment not whether the defendant committed the crime or not.
Acceptable length:
The minimum word count for this assignment is 750 words for sections E and G. The remaining parts will be copied word for word, so they are not included in the word count. The assignment should be formatted like the example below in the Instructions.
Grading Criteria:
Be sure to answer the questions in full. (E) and (G) and (H) should be in essay format. Remember more is always better than less. Your assignment will be checked through SafeAssign a plagiarism tool. Make sure that (E) and (G) and (H) are your own words. A good rule of thumb is to read the documents and then write what your read in your own words. Anyone who copies and pastes or merely changes the words around will receive a zero for the assignment.
You will be able to view your SafeAssign report after you submit the assignment. Make sure to view your originality report! This report will show you how close you are to the original sources. If (E), (F) or (G) have a high percentage of a match, re-do your paper and re-submit. Make sure to send me an e-mail and let me know that you are re-submitting.
To submit:
In module 5, you will see the Oyez assignment. Click on the assignment. You will see “ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSION”. Submit your assignment as an attachment. The assignment MUST be submitted using Microsoft Word. If I can not open your document, you will receive a zero for the assignment.
If you do not have Microsoft refer to the syllabus. FTCC offers Microsoft to students for free.
This assignment is worth 20% of your total possible grade.
A: The full court citation – example Coker v. Georgia, 433 U.S.584 (1977) Only the case is italicized.
B: Petitioner: _____ Respondent: ___
C: Lower Court________________
D: Decided by ________________Court (This is the Supreme Court session indicated by the Chief Justice of the Court at the time of the decision)
E: What are the details of the original case? For example, if the original case was a murder case, give me the details of the murder. This should be in your own words.
F: What were the question(s) asked by the Supreme Court? This would be matters of law. For example, was the court asking the question of the death penalty. You may cut and copy the question(s)
G: Conclusion: Indicate the majority decision split if it was not unanimous, and which Justices were in the Majority and which Dissented. What was the ruling and the opinion. This should be in your own words. Also include the dissenting opinion if there was one. This should be in your own words.
H: On the left side of the Oyez screen page you will see some audio files. Click on the one that’s says “Oral Argument”. Be sure that you have disabled pop-up blockers. Press the play button. Explain what you see and hear. By listening to the attorneys and the Supreme Court Justices, you will receive special insight about the case. What is special about the top of the window where you see the Justices? Do you feel that the Oyez website will be helpful to you or others in your academic career?
I: Resources: This includes the OYEZ website and any other websites you used for the original case details. The resources should be in APA format. You can go to our class tabs on the left for information about APA.
As a reminder, if you copy and paste Sections (E) and (G) and( H), you will receive a zero for the grade. You can read additional information about the FTCC policy on plagiarism in our Blackboard classroom tab “FTCC Policies”.

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