Case study

Responses to case scenario must be thoughtful and supported with evidence.

This case takes place in an urban acute care hospital medical unit where a multidisciplinary team provides 24/7 health care

Mrs. A is a 42-year-old teacher who was diagnosed two years ago with terminal brain cancer. Now on the medical unit of a large teaching hospital, she is capable of making decisions with respect to her health but is partially paralyzed and struggling to breathe. In addition, she has daily seizures, no control of her bodily functions and is in constant pain that is not relieved by medication. She asks to have MAiD (medical assistance in dying).

You are a registered nurse returning from a one-year maternity leave and have been assigned to Mrs. A. You are not that familiar with MAID, and no person has ever approached you for information about it.


  1. What steps would you take to educate yourself In the MAiD process?
  2. Three weeks later, you are assigned to Mrs. A (above) and you educated yourself about the MAiD process. You have decided that you are not comfortable participating In the MAiD process as It does not fit with your religious beliefs.
    While caring for Mrs. A, she states, “do you think I should go ahead with the MAiD process”?
    How should you respond to Mrs. A?
    What are the next steps to do in this situation?

Sample Solution