Case study Diagnoses

Discuss under the following headings:
– Introduction & epidemiology
– Pathogenesis(aetiology, risk factors. Tec.)
– Pathology – macroscopic and microscopic features where appropriate
– Clinical presentation and complications
– Comment & conclusion relevant to Chinese Medicine practice
– Reference – at least 5(2 of which have to be from journals or published articles)

Record your case scenario number on the marking criteria sheet
Case scenario 1
A 23 year old woman sees her physician because she has noticed a lump in her right breast. Her physician palpates a 2 cm, firm and circumscribed lesion in the upper lobe of her right breast.
Biopsy confirmed a malignant lesion
Case diagnosis: Breast carcinoma

Case scenario 2
A 25-year-old lady visits her GP with complaints of colicky abdominal pain and passing blood in the stools for the past 3 months. Colonoscopy revealed ulcers in the colon and areas of haemorrhage.
Case diagnosis: Ulcerative colitis

Case scenario 3
A 52 year old gentleman was seen at the clinic complaining of constipation and abdominal bloating sensation for 5 days. He also claims that his bowel movements have become irregular; it used to be once a day and then it became once in 2 days and sometimes he had to strain and there was a bit of bleeding. He underwent a left hemicolectomy. 2 weeks later, he was discharged and referred to the oncologist.
Case diagnosis: Carcinoma of colon

Case scenario 4
An 80 year old farmer complains of pain and swelling in his right knee for the past 5 years. He complains of stiffness in the joint when he wakes up in the morning and after moderate exercise. He says the pain is relieved by rest. His left knee appears enlarged and deformed. He has no associated systemic complaints.
Case diagnosis: Osteoarthritis.





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