d to have the requisite skills for briefing, analyzing, and summarizing cases. The use of
graphs, charts, etc. are acceptable for supporting your analysis.
You are to summarize the case in about a half-page, stating the central questions, or issues involved in the
case. At this point, you should be able to identify the required business or management related issues
presented by the case, and provide any recommendations or solutions to resolving the issue(s) at hand. You
must provide any supporting documentation or data for your analysis. That is, if you have used any additional
resources, (textbook, graphs, charts, etc) you are expected to cite them appropriately.
In analyzing and discussing cases, it is important not to become bogged down in unnecessary facts and history
of the firm(s) and industry in question. While you do want to provide a brief encapsulation of the issues and
critical facts underlying the main issues, the purpose of a case brief is to demonstrate your ability to analyze
the problem(s) and recommend practical solutions. Provide solutions/strategies addressing the questions
facing the firm and finalize your document with a conclusion.

Sample Solution