Case study-Health Promotion For Young Adults & Middle-Aged Adults

R.K. is a home health nurse practitioner who delivers primary care to a predominantly Medicare population. The role of the home health nurse practitioner is to provide assessments to individuals inclusive of the environment, provide direct skilled care and treatment, and provide education and referrals as needed. He must work closely with the patient and his or her caregiver in trying to prevent complications of illness.

R.K. specializes in providing wound care services in the home. He visits many diabetic patients living in a senior community. These patients are considered to be homebound and use wheelchairs or walkers to reach the common dining room where meals are served every evening. He is interested in assessing the nutritional content of the meals that are served.


Discuss this issue:
Create a list of recommendations of major activities older adults can engage in to promote health and prevent frailty.

Also, discuss the following questions below:

  1. Discuss how you would advise young adults in selecting contraceptive methods. Do you have any personal, religious reservations, or discomforts that would interfere with your ability to advise clients and ask them how they would address these personal conflicts?
  2. Have students develop a smoking cessation plan for a client.
  3. Evaluate the impact of poverty on older adults. Make sure to include the impact on their physical and mental health and health promotion recommendations.

Sample Solution