Case Study-Hector

Read the Case Study Vignette carefully, organizing the symptoms and other relevant factors.
Review and apply your material, along with outside resources from your own research, for this week to complete this assignment.
Identify and correctly code the most comprehensive diagnosis that accounts for the unique client presentation.
Succinctly and completely justify the diagnosis by linking symptoms with the specific diagnostic criteria they satisfy.
Provide two diagnoses you considered but ruled out. Remember to be very succinct on this section. Only identify the main symptom(s)/criterion that helped you rule out these diagnoses
After you have formally coded the diagnosis and thoroughly justified that diagnosis, you all will now:

Create a formal treatment plan with at least 1 long-term goal and 3 short-term goals (Remember, goals need to be SMART: Smart, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely). Remember, with the formal treatment plan to be succinct
fter writing the formal treatment plan, explain the rationale for the evidenced-based treatments and interventions that can alleviate the symptom severity and or treat the client. Make sure that you support your claims with evidence
Discuss this diagnosis and treatment approach from a biopsychosocial model, which will require you to:
Describe the role biology plays with individuals who meet full criteria for your assigned diagnosis. Things to consider include, physical influences/symptoms, medication considerations examining their role and side effects, etc.
Discuss the emotional and mental impact on the individual assigned the diagnosis
What are the social impacts of the assigned diagnosis?

Sample Solution