Cloud Computing

  Define and describe cloud-based collaboration. Google Docs is a cloud-based tool used for document sharing. Discuss pros and cons of using Google Docs for business-based documents. Compare and contrast the use of Google Docs with Microsoft 365 Word Docs for...

Isotopes present in a sample

      A mass spectrometer is a device that determines what elements and isotopes are present in a sample. Element refers to the type of atom, such as hydrogen, carbon, iron, etc. Isotopes are atoms of the same element but with different numbers of...

Use of force

        What is use of force? Discuss the research concerning use of force. What factors seem to be associated with it?    

Petrophysics and Well Logging Applications

In the field of Petrophysics and Well Logging Applications. Literature research based on primary sources1. You could, for example, choose to focus on a specific petrophysical tool and its application(s). Alternatively, you could focus on a relevant...


Explain the following properties: Young´s modulusyield strengthtensile strengthfracture toughnessthermal conductivityspecific heat capacitythermal expansion coefficientelectrical resistivityembodied energy.