July 15, 2019

Be an Anthropologist Studying Change

In a 4-6 page written assignment, answer the following questions. 1) Define evolution using the course materials. 2) Define physical anthropology. Discuss some of the general […]

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June 6, 2019


Choose 10 different hominin fossils and answer the following questions about each of them.Be sure to answer all the questions. 1-Provide an image of the fossil(s). […]

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April 5, 2019

Anthropology- religions of the world

They just don’t make Jews like Jesus anymore. It is impossible to understand the teachings of Jesus without understanding that he was Jewish. Watch the documentary, […]

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March 7, 2019

Models of Modern Human Origins

According to this week’s lessons, we learned about the emergence of modern humans and explored three different models of their origins, traced their migration patterns around […]

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