Geometric Brownian Motion model

Write a small essay to analyze whether Geometric Brownian Motion is a good model for the stock price you choose, and to analyze the implications in the previous page (the picture named 28.37) one by one (pay attention to one by one), and see if they are proper...

Simulation and scenario analysis

  Describe simulation and scenario analysis. How do simulation analysis and scenario analysis differ in the way they treat very bad and very good outcomes? What does this imply about using each technique to evaluate project riskiness?  

The benefit of technical analysis

Technical analysis may help you understand the historical data. In Week 2 you identified a security and explored standard deviation and beta for this security. Now locate the 50-day, 100-day, and 200-day moving average of this security price at a site such as...

AutoZone’s stock price

How has AutoZone’s stock price performed over the previous five years. What other financial measures can you cite that are consistent with the stock price performance?