Religions remained largely oral until late modernity

Some religions remained largely oral until late modernity, and others created sacred texts beginning thousands of years ago. What differences does it seem that use of written language introduced into mystic practices? Are there any clear distinctions between mystical...

World Religions

  Explain Daoist views on immortality. (S) World RELG4 Introduction to World Religions Robert E. Van Voorst, 2020  

Religion and Racism

  Submit a 5 – 7-page (not including a Title page & Bibliography) written research essay that contains an explanation of your object of study. Following these instructions: (1) Assignment topics:Religion and Racism (2) Your analysis of the topic from...

Spiritual Identity

  Write a 500-word reply on your Spiritual Identity. focus on (a) What religion do you most identify with and why; (b) How do you grow spiritually and, lastly; (c) What are some spiritual goals you have for your life?

Hindu Kamadan vs Greek cupid

  What two aspects of mythology are you going to compare? Are you comparing two different mythological cannons (ex: Greek vs Babylonian) or creating a comparison within the same mythological canon (ex: Hesiod vs Ovid or Hades vs Zeus)? What is the specific focus...