Cause and Effect Essay on how Netflix became successful.

Outline for Cause and Effect Essay:

A company becoming wildly successful: Netflix

Thesis: A business evolving with the times and becoming the frontrunner in how we view media today.

  1. Popular forms of media changing:
    Going from DVDs to online streaming (allowing people to view videos whenever from the comfort of their home)
    Changing payment model from paying per video to a monthly subscription to gain access to the entire library.
  2. Customers changing viewing tendencies:
    People wanting to watch movies and shows on the go instead of only in the house.
    Viewing movies as a family no longer being as popular and instead, people consume more media alone.
  3. Rise of the digital age:
    Internet becoming more widely used and available to homes across the planet
    Smart TVS becoming more widely popular that come installed with Netflix
    People needing to watch more media on the go.

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