Central Intelligence Agency

Central Intelligence Agency (Center for the Study of Intelligence), A Tradecraft Primer: Structured Analytic Techniques for Improving Intelligence
Analysis, 2009

Having read the CIA’s primer on structured analytic techniques, I’d like you to explain the process or method of two of these techniques, provide
examples of specific types of intelligence questions or issues they would be well-suited for, and explain why. To close, briefly explain which SAT you
found least compelling and include a quick note on why.

create a “Bill of Analytic Quality and Integrity.” And given that the Bill of Rights has 10 amendments, let’s make our Bill have 1C
guidelines or principles- Looking back over this semester readings, lectures and discussions, list and explain what you believe are the most
important attributes and practices for today’s intelligence analyst, given their many challenges and priorities- Each one should be evidence-based
and informed by material from this course- So for example, what should analysts know, generally and/specifically, what skill or mind sets should they
have, how should they interact with other stakeholders, what ethos and objectives should drive their mission and approach




Sample Solution