Centripetal/centrifugal force vs. weight / difference between mass and weight

Is a person in a roller coaster at the top of the loop actually Weightless’? Explain using centripetal/centrifugal force vs. weight.

  1. What is the difference between ‘mass’ and ‘weight, Explain.
    Instructions for construction of the paper: • Paragraph 1: Outline a general definition and description of the physics concepts/topics you have chosen to discuse, referencing this week’s readings on the topics or another reputable source, as appropriate. Include descriptive features (as applicable) about the physics concepts — dependent factors, relevant terminology, conventions, common units of measure, etc. • Paragraph 2: Summarize one or more impacts of the physics concept(s) to aviation operations. • Paragraph 3: You have two options for this paragraph: 1) Provide a real example, from an article or documented report (aircraft performance, incidents or accidents, for example), of the aviation impact of this physics concept. 2) Give us “your take” on the relevance and importance of this topic from your own perspective, by providing personal points of view or related experiences.

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