Character Analysis in Parable of the Sower

The Character I Choose is Amy Dunn
As an African American female writer, Octavia Butler provides audiences with
a wealth of detail in describing her characters’ lives, presumably to help us understand the motives and actions
of the protagonists (main characters) in Parable of the Sower and the decisions that they make. Rarely,
however, does Butler announce the significance of these helpful bits of information; rather, she tends to scatter
them like clues to a mystery for us to discover. Even less rarely does she explicitly judge her characters.
It is our job, as readers and audiences, to form our opinions of these characters and their actions. The
characters of Parable of the Sower are all designed to help readers consider race, gender, class, coming of
age, and other identity categories/themes in light of societal “norms” or “grand narratives” (what society tells us
is “right” or “normal”).
The question/prompt that your project should answer: How does your character conform to or refute a “single
the story”(or how does your character confirm or refute a stereotype or expectation of who he/she is or is
expected to be) because of her/his life circumstances and experiences?

Sample Solution