Characteristics of public sector labor markets

� Demonstrate an understanding of the unique characteristics of public sector labour markets and the context within which human resource management takes place.
� Analyse the relationship between public sector human resource management practices and their outcomes for the individual and the organisation
� Critically evaluate public sector human resource policy and practice in diverse organisational and cultural contexts
� Develop critical thinking, analytical skills and ability to synthesise information through engagement with the relevant literature
� Cultivate the ability to develop and implement various personnel policy alternatives through team-based work using multi-organisational case study examples
� Develop the ability to undertake a critical assessment of personnel policy and practice within diverse organisational and labour market contexts
� Engage competently in academic and professional communication with others, whether oral or written
� Operate in complex and unpredictable/specialised contexts whilst retaining an overview of the issues governing good practice
� Enhance critical analytic and problem solving skills and carry out independent learning for continuing professional development

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