Chemistry question

A solution containing a mixture of metal cations was treated with dilute HCI and a precipitate formed. Thesolution was filtered and H28 was bubbled through the acidic solution. A precipitate again formed and was filtered off. Then, the pH was raised to about 8 and H23 was again bubbled through the solution. This time, no precipitate formed. Finally, the solution was treated with a sodium carbonate solution. which resulted information of a precipitate. Which metal ions were definitely present, which were definitely absent, and whichmay or may not have been present in the original mixture? x Definitely absent Possibly presentCd2+ Ag+F 2+ Ca2+e The complete protocol and a list of possibleMn2+ precipitates can be found here.Cr2+K1-4Sn + Mg”-3+BI H922+

Sample Solution