Chemistry Reactions

Connected connected to potential

to a red clip a black clip differe-

nce (mv)

Cu Mg 1031

Mg Cu -1082

Cu Sn 329

Sn Cu -261

Mg Sn -845

Sn Mg 765

  1. From the voltage data construct a partual activity series for the metals: Mg, Sn, and Cn

From highest activity series(most likely to be oxidized) to lowest metal on actigity series ( least likely to be oxidized)


The voltmeter is wired sych that a pistive reading indicates the half- cell connected to the red clip is a site of reducation.

2.)Consider three hypothetical metals: “X”, “Y” and “Z”.

The following reactions proceed spontaneously in the direction as written under standard state conditions:

X(s) + Z2+ → X2+ + Z(s)

Z(s) + Y2+ → Z2+ + Y(s)

Complete each of the following statements.

If the metal Y is placed into a solution containing 1 M X2+ , a reaction will/will not occur (choose option)

Assume the metal Z will dissolve in 1 M HCl. This means the metal X will/ will not ( choose option) dissolve in 1 M HCl.

3.) Using a voltameter with alligator clips ( one black and one red). If the voltameter gives a negative voltage reading, which of the following is true?

A) the half- cell connected to the black clip is a site of oxidation

B) the half- cell connected to the black clip is the site of reduction

Sample Solution