I. Introduction
• Re-define purpose of lab
• Describe theory behind experiment (Should be several paragraphs of the chemistry involved in the experiment. (Put in your own words the things I said in the pre-lab; also paraphrase the introductory section from the lab book if appropriate).
• Define any important terms.
• Establish background and significance of experiment performed.
• What results do you expect to see, and why?

II. Reaction scheme (or names and/or structures of compounds if a reaction wasn’t performed)

• Format for reaction scheme: A + B ————–> C + D
• Hand-draw the chemical structures
• Give mechanism of reaction

III. Results and Discussion
• Brief outline of procedure and any important observations made during procedure
– Examples of important observations: color changes, exotherms, formation of a precipitate
• Present any data collected in a table if appropriate. Tables must have title and units.
• Compare your data to literature data in the table where possible, e.g. melting points, boiling points.
• Include theoretical and experimental % yields, or percent recovery, where appropriate
• Discuss any deviations from the procedure, and how these may have impacted the outcome.
• Discuss whether the expected outcome was achieved, and if not, why not.

IV. Conclusion
• Summarize what you learned from the experiment
• Discuss whether your data and the outcome uphold the theory behind the experiment









Sample Solution