Chicano Feminism

READ: In This Bridge Called My Back: “Lesbianism in Act of Resistance” by Clarke, 126-135.

ALSO READ: Hooks Feminism is for Everybody: “Chapter 10 Race and Gender,” 55-60.

INSTRUCTIONS: Provide your best quality work. Engage in the material and cite where appropriate. Bold all terms, as listed below. If late, include late on top. Do not fall behind & do not exceed 3 paragraphs per question.

POST 1 Title “Las Tres Marias’ Based on lecture. Cite as (Cueva and date).

A) How do you see or experience Las Tres Maria’s in your own culture, family, etc. Provide a specific example. Connect to the material based on your own culture. B) Are you see the women in your family in the roles in any of these three dominant Maria’s? C) What are the limitations for these dualistic gender roles regarding women’s sexuality/sexual orientation based on lecture? D). Which Maria empowers you the most and why? E. Select an image of a Maria that best represents you and explain your reasoning.

Sample Solution