Child Abuse Writing

Prepare a 6-8 page typewritten paper after reading Finding Fish: a memoir by
Antwone Quenton Fisher.

  1. Paper should be double spaced, 1” margin and 12 pt. font. Spelling, grammar,
    and presentation are important and will be reflected in your grade. Cite at least
    three (3) references (in addition to class readings and handouts, at least one of
    which is from a professional journal) using the APA Style Manual, 5th ed. (6
  2. Identify and discuss the strengths in the Elkins, Fisher and Pickett families
    as well as the social welfare system that cared for Antwone. Discuss how the
    strengths did or could have protected Antwone and other family members.
    (10 points)
  3. Discuss in detail 2 cultural aspects that might have influenced the strengths found in any of
    these families. (15 points)
  4. Identify ALL the types of child maltreatment and/or family violence that
    occurred in the Elkins, Fisher and Pickett families. (4 points)
  5. Considering Antwone’s placement with the Pickett family, identify the following:
    a. Identify and discuss at least three indicators (physical or behavioral) for
    each type of maltreatment Antwone experienced. Remember, indicators
    are what you would see or observe in a child or adult victim that would
    cause you to suspect or believe they are maltreated. (10 points)
    b. Identify and discuss at least three family dynamics that were present
    within the foster family. Remember, dynamics are situations in a family
    or parents’ background that would make it likely that maltreatment
    would occur. (10 points)
    c. Identify and discuss at least three effects maltreatment had on Antwone’s
    development and discuss how the maltreatment impacted Antwone’s life
    choices. (10 points)
  6. Discuss in detail 2 cultural practices that might have influenced the
    identified unsafe parenting practices found in the Pickett family. (15 points)
  7. What conclusions do you draw from Antwone’s story and how would you have
    practiced culturally competent social work with this family? How will this
    story impact your professional practices? (20 points)

Sample Solution