China a military and economic threat


Purpose: AKA BLUF: Put the most important information first
• Present within first 1-2 sentences of the paper
• presents clear arguments, reporting or technical data
• Free of errors
• Document frontloads all areas and forecasts overall structure without tangents
• Document uses and follows the organization presented in the BLUF(bottom line up front)
• Information organized in short organized paragraphs under clear, logical headings
• Argumentative papers contain a thesis in the first paragraph
• Body paragraphs contain topic sentences. This frontloading will maintain understanding in a single rapid read. When in doubt, refer to the BLUF principle. Can you state your main point earlier in the document without losing your reader? If so, revise accordingly.
Analysis: to analyze something is to ask what it means, to tell the reader the “so what?”
• Paper does not rely heavily on summary
o Who, what Where and When
• Paper relies heavily on analysis
o Why and How
• Is your analysis relevant to the stated purpose of your paper
• -1 for every use of passive voice
• All paragraphs are lean (no more than 10 lines)
• Short sentences (no more than 30 words)
• Simple and succinct words: avoid jargon,
• Redundancies: sentences include information that duplicates ideas
• Empty or inflated phrases: qualifying phrases that unnecessarily lengthen sentences without improving meaning

• Complex structures (AKA wordiness): using emphatic language or using complex sentence structures
o Overemphasized: It is critical that all examine the staff duty roster in accordance with the new regulations.
o Balanced: All students must examine the staff duty roster per the new regulations
• Proper citations (automatic no-go)
• Do no use 1st person pronouns
• APA formatting: use the writer’s handbook
• Proper grammar
• Proper classification markings
• Correctly formatted title page
• Correctly formatted Bibliography

Sample Solution