Cinematography in Films

For my movie review assignment on ” Rise of the Planet of the Apes ” (2011), I want the following questions answered.

  1. Do the cinematographic aspects of the film – the qualities of the film stock, lighting, lenses, framing, camera angles, camera movement, and the use of long takes – add up to an overall look? How would you describe that look?
  2. Which moments in the film convey information that is not reflected in the characters’ actions and dialogue? How do these scenes convey that information?
  3. Is the cinematographer deviating from eye-level shots? if there are high-angle shots or low-angle shots, are these shots meant to represent a particular point of view (i.e., are they POV shots?) If so, what does the angle convey about the character’s state of mind? If not, what does it convey about the person or thing in the frame?
    Also, when giving examples from the film, please give the time code (00:00:00) for the scene you are referencing.

Sample Solution