Citizen Roles and Government

Using the links to the articles and videos below and what you have learned in class so far, identify the various roles (citizen, customer, partner) the Brownsville citizens utilize by answering the following questions:

  1. Define the citizen role. What is one example of the people in Brownsville exercising their citizen role in this example?
  2. What is the difference between citizens and customers? Give one example of the people in Brownsville acting as customers (Note: it can be with government, nonprofit or the private sector).
  3. How are partners different from customers? Provide a specific example of how the people of Brownsville are acting as partners (NOTE: it can be with government directly, or through a nonprofit).
    Watch the Video and Read the Article: Community Transforms Train Tracks, into Hike & Bike Trail in Brownville, TX (
    Read this article: Brownsville, TX: 2014 Culture of Health Prize Winner

Sample Solution