Classics (Ireland & the Ancient World)

  1. What does the reception of the Latin classics reveal about cultural change in Christian
    Late Antiquity and early medieval Ireland?
    [Theme: continuity of Latin literary culture]
  2. Do what extent did Christianity, during the Late Antique and early medieval periods,
    put an end to the Roman literary tradition that came before?
    [Theme: cultural impact of Christianity]
  3. ‘We alone developed ourselves naturally upon our own lines outside of and free from
    all Roman influence’ (Douglas Hyde, 1892). Evaluate the validity of his assertion for
    the early medieval period.
    [Theme: impact of Roman culture in Ireland]
  4. What innovations did early medieval Irish scholars make to inherited Latin culture?
    [Theme: Irish contribution to the Latin tradition]
  5. To what extent did the traditional Roman educational curriculum undergo
    transformation throughout Christian Late Antiquity and early medieval Ireland?
    [Theme: education’s role in transmission of culture]

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