Classroom Management

Identify two classroom management cases that require intervention or solution. You can use any case that you have either encountered in your field observations currently or in the past. Alternatively, you can focus on a case that you encountered in the course of your studies. If none of these scenarios offers you a case study worth studying and analyzing, create a hypothetical case based on your understanding of classroom management issues and or bottlenecks that inhibit normal lesson delivery. For each of the two cases, write a paper on the case that you will hand in via Moodle

1. What is the case? a. Provide complete information about the case. If you are using a case that you encountered in the field, keep the identity of the child/children anonymous. b. What approaches if any have been tried to solve or ameliorate the mis-behavior or misconduct. c. What rules and or routines have been violated? 2. What is the goal of the analysis? a. Is the objective to solve a persistent problem or to improve the classroom management in general? b. How will the student(s) and or teacher(s) benefit? c. Who is being affected by the problem and how will they be assisted by the analysis? 3. What is the context of the problem? a. What type of a classroom is the problem occurring eg, self-contained, CTT (inclusive). b. What grade level is the class? 4. What key facts should be considered? a. Are there mitigating health concerns? b. What are the socio-economic factors to be considered? c. Are there cultural concerns that would invoke educational social justice matters like ELLs students or ethnicity? 5. What alternatives are available to the decision maker? a. When solving classroom management issues, there are several intervention tiers that can be implemented. At what level is the analysis being undertaken? 6. What would you recommend and why?




Sample Solution