Classroom Observation Paper*

Mr. Lee Math Teacher Chesapeake Public Schools -Virginia
Interview the classroom teacher whose class you observed and ask the following questions:
What classroom management model is used in the classroom and school?
What steps did the teacher follow to implement the classroom management or behavior plan?
What procedures does the teacher have in place to be proactive conceming behavior problems?
How does the teacher handle the parent or guardian of a disruptive child?
How does the teacher deal with extreme types of behavior that require outside interventions?
Write a 700- to 1,050-word narrative summarizing the teacher interview and observations that describe the following:
Teacher’s style of management
How the teacher interacts with students
Classroom set-up
Examples and incidents of mutual respect
Preventive procedures and activities
Procedures and routines observed
What you would do differently
Parental or community resources that can be used when developing a classroom management plan
Justify your reflection with research and theory related to laws, district policies, and school codes.

Sample Solution