Choose one of the clichés below. Using concrete details (imagery) instead of the words of the cliché, create a fictional setting that you develop in at least three paragraphs of no fewer than 300 words total.

A dark and stormy night
Raining cats and dogs
Freeze to death
Scorching hot
Fragrant as a new-mown lawn

Select a scene from your childhood and describe it in three paragraphs: one long shot, one middle shot, one close-up. How much can you show the reader about the feeling of your surroundings? Think of feeling both in its sensory definition (sight, sound, smell, touch, taste) and its emotional definition (how the setting reflects your state of mind as a child). Your paragraphs should be approximately 300 words.

Using what you have learned about voice, pick a character who belongs to a certain place—a preacher, a prisoner, a coach, a nurse, a Little Leaguer, or the like—and write a poetic monologue in which that place is evoked through the voice. Remember that a monologue is a speech for one voice. Your poem should be at least 20 lines.

Listen to the composition “Rhapsody in Blue” by George Gershwin at the following location: (Links to an external site.)
. Listen carefully to the music and let it inspire you to imagine a setting. Write three paragraphs (approximately 300 words) in which you describe this setting in evocative imagery and detail.

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