Clinical setting.

SNAPPS is a learner-centered approach to case presentation in the clinical setting. This model allows the
student to take an active role in their educational encounter by discussing the patient encounter beyond the
facts, verbalizing their clinical reasoning, asking questions, and engaging in follow-up learning pertinent to the
educational encounter. This exercise is designed to develop the student’s ability to organize patient information
in a meaningful way and guide the student in their oral patient presentations in the clinical setting.
Using a patient seen in their clinical setting, students will give an oral presentation (via Kaltura) using the 6-
step learner-centered SNAPPS model to mimic a real-life presentation to the preceptor by:
Briefly summarizing the relative history and findings;
Narrowing the differential to three relevant possibilities using the pertinent positive and negative findings;
Analyzing the differential by comparing and contrasting the possibilities;
Probing the preceptor by asking questions about uncertainties, difficulties, or alternative approaches;
Identifying a treatment plan for the patient; and
Select a case-related issue for self-directed learning

Sample Solution