Cloud or not for your business

You are assigned to a business review board to examine the introduction of cloud technologies into the corporation that has three business units.

  1. Commercial business with over 300 employees. They company is matured and established. The IT infrastructure is old and must be replaced. There two tendencies among the employees (1) to keep everything

centralised buy new computers servers and software and (2) to get all IT resources to form the cloud. Many employees raise trust and security issues to share sales sensitive data outside the company.

  1. Manufacturing company with over 200 employees. One year ago the company has purchased a new client-server infrastructure and replaced all the computers along with the instalment of nee ERP system. The investment cost 3 million SAR.
  2. A new service company that is starting this month with hiring 25 employees.

Discuss the options and opinionate in the discussion board.

Sample Solution